Sunday, 3 June 2012

Succulent Love - wedding ideas for Hong Kong Brides

I used to think Peony was one of the prettiest flowers and I would definitely use it as the main flower for my wedding bouquet but I guess I am slightly changing my mind now as I've discovered S-u-c-c-u-l-e-n-t!

According to my friend "Wiki", succulents are water-retaining plants that store water in their leaves, stem and roots and are adapted to dry areas of the tropics. No wonder succulent is a rare choice to be used at weddings in Hong Kong and Singapore! (The challenge will be finding these beautiful plans in Hong Kong!?)

To have a wedding invitation in Hong Kong with a Succulent theme would definitely stand out. I will probably design some succulent wedding invite for my In House collection soon. 

I hope I have raised your interest in succulents as much as I do.
If you are looking for an "one of a kind" bouquet or a wedding theme, perhaps consider Succulent? 

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  1. Hi Kalo! These are beautiful! I LOVE succulents - they're the only plant I can keep alive for more than a month, so I have a few. They look lovely all together. xxxx


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