Thursday, 30 August 2012

Letterpress KMA Business Cards

Originally born and brought up in Hong Kong, I spent almost the past decade living in London before moving to Singapore, where I am currently staying. The different cultures and lifestyles in the East and the West helped me to develop the artistic style I have now and I would like to reflect this onto my business cards.

"Save the Date" Bespoke Invitation Design Singapore

Alvina and John, a lovely couple from Singapore currently living in Hong Kong, are both fond of combining my In House Design - Spring Ride, together with some bespoke elements as their wedding invitation. The Invitation Suite will include the Save the Date, Invitation, Ceremony Card and Sticker.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

"Vintage Flowers" Bespoke Wedding Invitation Design Hong Kong

Evelyn and Andrew's wedding will take place at a gorgeous library in a luxury hotel in Hong Kong. The library is filled with peonies, leather stud chairs, antique book shelves and is lit with huge chandeliers. Everything vintage. Just like this!

For their wedding invitation, they want a design that matches the vintage and elegant style of their wedding venue. So I created this invitation with a more traditional feel yet in a stylish coral that pops, letterpress finished!

Some initial ideas:

After listening to the couple's feedback, the design gradually becomes ...



"Orienteering Thanks" Bespoke Thank You Card Design Hong Kong

Sharon and Siu Tung both enjoy orienteering (a sports that requires navigational skills using a map and compass to navigate from point to point in a terrain) At one orienteering, they met each other and fell in love, they even flew all the way to Norway for an International Orienteering as their honeymoon.

For the design, I hand drew a landscape filled with trees, mountains, orienteering flags. The golden path represents the road they walk together. If you look carefully enough, you can see the word "Thank You", the couple wants to reflect their beloved hobby while thanking 
all the guests who attended their wedding.

"Dragon & Tauras" Baby Announcement Card Design Hong Kong

Saida and Alex approached me with this fun idea for their baby announcement card! They wanted a Dragon, an Ox in a Chinese landscape painterly background on their baby announcement card. The dragon delivering the baby to the Ox who is about to receive the new born baby with a moses basket. 

The Dragon represents the year (2012, Dragon year), while the Ox represents the month (May, Taurus), the baby was born.

I incorporated a traditional Chinese landscape painting onto the background to represent Hong Kong, China where the baby was born.

Curious to know more about my other birthday invitation designs?
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I kept the animals in western children illustration style as the baby has a Western origin and I also want ensure the overall feel of this baby announcement card would remain children friendly and not be too serious!


Tah Dah... this is the final work!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

"Royal Castle" Bespoke Wedding Invitation Design Hong Kong

Frida and Hampus are getting married in a castle in Sweden this summer. They were very clear of what their wedding invitation design should look like from the very start - they wanted a smart, classic, elegant yet a bit of royal style. 

For their wedding card design, they wanted me to illustrate a vintage Swedish map which had been hung in their wall in their Hong Kong flat since they moved from Sweden. 

This vintage map (above, original ) consists of places where the couple lived, worked, met and it has the castle of where they will get married. 
I redrew and transferred the original map onto the design and this is how the invitation looks like:

For the information card, the icons reflect the details written alongside them. 
particularly like the robot as it gives a sense of humour to the whole wedding invitation suite! The hotel where most guests would be staying is owned by the groom's father. I did some research on how the hotel looks like and redrew it onto the Information card:

The Invitation and the Information Card are held together by a ribbon belly band:

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"Festive Wedding" Bespoke Wedding Invitation Design London

Oci and Alexis are a fun English couple from London.The bespoke wedding invitation card design process was communicated via emails.They got married this summer in the middle of field in Kent, England. There were music and dancing everywhere! It is a wedding festival with wellington boots chic as the dress code. 

They even had campsites for the guests to do camping! To reflect this festive wedding atmosphere and their English background onto their wedding invitation card design, I used oak trees to and bright red people dancing happily in the woods. 

The groom is a musician in a ceilidh band, so to add some Celtic elements, I subtly included a back piper on the wedding invite. And a back piper really showed up at the wedding! 

Initially, I provided two design drafts for the couple to choose from. 
They loved them both and chose to go ahead with the one with the bunting.
For the final design, I used oak trees (instead of pine trees in the draft) as there were plenty at the wedding venue! 

Curious to find out more about the design? please visit my website


"Scottish Daisy" Bespoke Wedding Invitation Design Hong Kong

Vera and Simon approached me with an idea for their wedding invitation designed in Tartan patterns and with daisies as these represent where they come from. The couple thoughtfully created a sample and I transformed their idea into the final.

The tartan pattern used on their wedding invites and pocket folder is a Clan Tartan, which is the regular pattern of the Groom's family. 

While Daisy is the born flower of the Bride. The wedding invitation suite includes a folder, with the wedding invite attached to the middle and a RSVP card inserted into the pocket. The whole set was printed on ultra thick Japanese textural papers which give their wedding invitation the extra special touch.

This is a mock up made by the bride! 

This is the final design piece based on what the bride wanted:

"Miffy Love" Bespoke Wedding Invitation Design Europe

For Miyako and Mathias' wedding invitation card design, I used papercut method to create two Miffys hand in hand looking at a painting. At first glance, you might be able to tell the painting was one of Mondrian's (He is Dutch too!). 

If you look closer, you will spot the German, Dutch and Japanese flags. Why did I include these flags in their weddinginvitation? Because this wedding took place in Germany, uniting Miyako (Dutch born Japanese) and Mathias (German).

Everyone who attended the wedding know how much the groom loves golf and the bride loves photography! The bride and the groom had so much fun explaining the meaning behind this wedding invitation.

The idea behind is to combine:
Miyako with her Japanese and Dutch backgrounds (she was brought up in Utrecht) AND her passion in photography
WITH ...
Mathias with his German background AND his passion in golf
AS ...
Dutch-born Miffys

Dutch-born Mondrian's famous painting

the final artwork is handcut with colour craft papers with scissors mounted on board! 

Here is how the final prints look like:
more images are on my website

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