Tuesday, 28 August 2012

"Scottish Daisy" Bespoke Wedding Invitation Design Hong Kong

Vera and Simon approached me with an idea for their wedding invitation designed in Tartan patterns and with daisies as these represent where they come from. The couple thoughtfully created a sample and I transformed their idea into the final.

The tartan pattern used on their wedding invites and pocket folder is a Clan Tartan, which is the regular pattern of the Groom's family. 

While Daisy is the born flower of the Bride. The wedding invitation suite includes a folder, with the wedding invite attached to the middle and a RSVP card inserted into the pocket. The whole set was printed on ultra thick Japanese textural papers which give their wedding invitation the extra special touch.

This is a mock up made by the bride! 

This is the final design piece based on what the bride wanted:

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