Tuesday, 28 August 2012

"Miffy Love" Bespoke Wedding Invitation Design Europe

For Miyako and Mathias' wedding invitation card design, I used papercut method to create two Miffys hand in hand looking at a painting. At first glance, you might be able to tell the painting was one of Mondrian's (He is Dutch too!). 

If you look closer, you will spot the German, Dutch and Japanese flags. Why did I include these flags in their weddinginvitation? Because this wedding took place in Germany, uniting Miyako (Dutch born Japanese) and Mathias (German).

Everyone who attended the wedding know how much the groom loves golf and the bride loves photography! The bride and the groom had so much fun explaining the meaning behind this wedding invitation.

The idea behind is to combine:
Miyako with her Japanese and Dutch backgrounds (she was brought up in Utrecht) AND her passion in photography
WITH ...
Mathias with his German background AND his passion in golf
AS ...
Dutch-born Miffys

Dutch-born Mondrian's famous painting

the final artwork is handcut with colour craft papers with scissors mounted on board! 

Here is how the final prints look like:
more images are on my website www.kalomakeart.com

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