Friday, 27 May 2011

15 hours of Surface Pattern Design Course, London

Do you know that there are four types of repeats ? Block; Half drop; Brick and Mirror !
If you are not sure what I am talking about but interested to find out more, I would highly recommend the Surface Pattern Design course at the City Lit, London.

Please (!!!) make sure the course is taught by Rachel Gornall. Besides a well structured course outline, Rachel is inspiring, passionate, super helpful, dedicated and always full of energy! One of those great teachers who would stay behind class to help and discuss with students if we have any queries. 

Fortunately, I met a bunch of creative friends in the class too! They all have interesting careers, from art tour guide at the Courtauld Gallery, art restorer, Thomas the tank engine licensing lady, editor at ELLE deco, a girl who owns her own ceramics cafe  ...

My theme is 'circus' and I am particularly interested in the movements of acrobats!
Human forms are just incredible! I am amazed that in 15 hours (3 hrs per class, 5 classes in total), we all learnt how to design, create, form and PRINT our first pattern design, all from scratch! Here are some snapshots of my work and my classmates' work:

// mood board - circus theme full of acrobats! //

// sketches //
// polystyrene stencils on cardboard //
// colouring stencils with fabric paint //
// printing on paper //  
 // printing on paper //  
 // printing on fabric //  

After my surface pattern design course, I went home and continue playing around with the concept ...

// Fran in action //   
 // Fran's printed work //  
 // Fran's handpainted pattern //  
 // Charmin in action //  
 // student's pattern //  
 // student's pattern // 
 // student's pattern // 

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