Friday, 20 December 2013

"Book of Love" Bespoke Wedding Invitation for an Australian Chinese couple from Hong Kong

Brenda and Victor envisioned a fun, relaxing outdoorsy wedding in a country club in Hong Kong. Victor is a very tall gentleman from Australia (hence the kangroo!) and Brenda is a sweet, relatively smaller, Chinese girl from Hong Kong.

Their wedding invitation was written in both English and Chinese, it also contained information such as plan of the day, illustrated map and transportation details in one booklet format. They decided to keep their wedding invitation in pocket size so the guests could keep  have all the useful information altogether.

The heart shape on the back of the booklet was filled with shoes to represent the bride's love for shoes, while the hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades respresented the groom's love for playing cards! 

Here are some original sketches and you can see how the design had gradually developed from a more children illustrative style into a more elegant and mature design. 

For the map, it took me quite some time to draw! Before all the sketches, I researched and studied the map thoroughly, I tried to really learn about the routes and directions as I wanted to ensure what I transcribed onto the map illustration was a hundred percent accurate!

Here is the original map provided by the wedding venue:

This is the start of my drawing on Photoshop:

Here is the final design of the map:

The blue and orange tones on the map compliment the colours of and helped to unify the overall wedding invitation design. 

I truly enjoyed working on this project! Look at the final results, aren't these wedding invitations pretty?


  1. Nice collection of invitation models and i like to plan for my wedding invitation so i will get the design in wedding planner mobile app to get beast planning

    1. Thanks Jude for your compliment! I hope your wedding planning goes well!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Andrew. Nice to hear from people from all over the world, gives me a lot of encouragement to continue what I do!


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