Monday, 23 September 2013

"Kissing Couple" Bespoke Save the Date Wedding Invitation

The kissing dutch couple figurine is an iconic tourist souvenir for Holland. Kalam, my little twin sister, also the bride-to be, originally from Hong Kong, together with her Dutch finance Pieter, came up with this idea of having the kissing dutch couple with a Chinese twist on their Save the Date. To enhance the Chinese element, I painted the girl wearing a Chinese qipao instead of the traditional dutch milk maid outfit!

Kalam and Pieter choose to use blue and white as their wedding colours as they are commonly used throughout the Chinese and Dutch cultures (so think Chinese and Dutch blue and white porcelains, vases and ceramic tiles!)  The Save the Date card was also designed in a square shape to imitate the appearance of a Dutch ceramic tile. 

Painting on the beach in Langkawi, what a luxury! 

Calligraphy work by Kalo Make Art

Tidied up the design and add in the wordings on the computer

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  1. I like the blue wedding cad it so nice can i get the modes in mobile app thanks for share


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