Saturday, 30 June 2012

"World Traveller" Bespoke Wedding Invitation Design

Here is my wedding invite design for Peter and Szilvia ...
Peter and Szilvia are Hungarians who live in London. They are going to have their weddings in Budapest, their home town. For the wedding invites, they want to have two suitcases, one BIG one small, that symbolises them. And the international driving stickers represent their guests traveling from around the world to their wedding in Budapest.

// Peter and Szilvia's sketch //

 // My image research //

// My design (English) //
 // My design (Hungarian) //

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Hot Air Balloon Love - wedding Ideas for Hong Kong Brides

Have you ever sit on a hot air balloon before? I had never tried it myself but I could imagine it would be an amazing feeling of freedom, relaxation, joy and excitement. What about bringing these moods and feelings to your wedding and use hot air balloons as your wedding theme?

F U N   A C T I V I T E S   F O R   G U E S T S

1// Painting Hot Air Balloons
*Perfect for the moment when all the tea ceremonies are finished, photos are taken, when things start to calm down. Usually this is also the moment when your guests start to feel a bit tired, sitting around and not doing much ... 
After the painted Hot Air Balloons are dry, they can be hung up as your wedding photograph backdrops!

Get all your bridesmaids, ushers or close friends to help prepare paper mache balloons 2-3 days prior to your wedding (allow the glue to dry!)

Materials: (for 30 guests)
- 30 balloons 
- 1 balloon air pumps (sold in most party supply shops, ToyRus probably has it)
- white glue + water
- stacks of old newspaper
- white kitchen tissue papers
- 30 pieces of 5x14 inches recycle cardboard paper (should be strong yet foldable)
- 2-3 rolls of masking tapes (with thick width) 
- 30 silver hooks (see image above, sold in most 五金店)
- 1-3 thick sewing needles
- thin linen strings (sold in most 五金店)
- 30 small straw baskets (sold in most $12 dollars shop)
- scissors 

1) tear the newspaper and tissue papers into stripes 
2) mix 3/4 white glue to 1/4 water in a big plastic box, stir until they becomes 
3) roll the cardboard paper into a cylinder, taped with masking tape. This will form 
    the base for the paper mache(d) balloon
4) pump the balloons (don't pump all the balloons in one-go in case air leakage of 
    some balloons while you are busy doing paper mache!)

Step 1: Paper mache 5-6 layers of newspaper onto the pumped balloons, finish the last (top) layer with white kitchen tissue papers 
Step 2:  Let dry for a few hours, place under the sun or a fan to speed up the drying process
Step 3: Once the paper mache balloons are completely dry, cut out a small hole on one side 
Step 4:  Put the cardboard paper cylinder roll into the hole, join them together with masking tape
Step 5:  Poke the silver hooks onto the top of the paper mached balloon, apply thick glue around the joint edges, let dry
Step 6: Poke a few holes around the cylinder base with thick sewing needles. Then, push the strings through the holes and join the cylinder base with a basket.
Taaaa Da! A paper mache hot air balloon is made!

Don't forget to provide paint, brushes and 1-2 tables for your guests to participate in this exciting activity on your wedding day! 

2// Sky Latterns
Perfect for outdoor / beach wedding venues!
Not much preparation required! Just purchase sky latterns online


Thursday, 7 June 2012

Bridelicious - Your Must Read!

Kalo Make Art has the honor to be featured on Bridelicious - The Inspirational Wedding Blog in Hong Kong. I absolutely love this blog not just because the pretty photos, but also because there are lots of interesting tips on how to make your weddings memorable and stand out from the typical weddings everyone had been to in Hong Kong. Of course we have a lack space and venues options here in HK but does that mean you have to limit your creativity too?  If your answer is "No", yet you are not sure where to begin, Bridelicious will be your best start!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Chinese Wedding Invitation Wording Template - How to Title Bride and Groom

Chinese Wedding Invitation Wording Template - How to Title Bride and Groom
When it comes to Chinese wordings for wedding invitations, a lot of people have no idea on where to start. Especially how to address oneself as 長男 // 男 // 男 //  小兒....
Here is an easy guidance to help you...
Traditional Chinese Wedding Invitations use a special format.
They are read from top to down, right to left.
They are also versed so that the bride and groom's parents are the official hosts.
Here is an example:

Take note of following etiquette: 
1. Specify the date of the wedding in both gregorian/solar and Chinese/lunar calendar form.

2. List the day of the week in parenthesis (this means curved brackets).
3. Precede the bride and groom's names with their birth order among siblings.
*** See below for more information on how to name the birth order
For example: Eldest son Second daughter Youngest son

4. The characters for "welcome" should be in larger font than rest of text.

***The above information was obtained from here

Ranking amongst Siblings - Here are some terms that are commonly used on Chinese wedding invitations:
小兒 : refers to the only child in the family 
小兒 : ALSO refers to Groom has no male siblings (can have sisters/ older or younger)
小女:  refers to the only child in the family 小女: ALSO refers to Bride who has no female siblings   (can have brothers/ older or younger)
男 // 男 // 男 : oldest son / 2nd son / youngest son // 次女 // 女 :oldest daughter / 2nd daughter / youngest daughter
For the Groom, he just need to arrange the sequence among himself and his brothers, and do not need to take into account of his sisters if he has any. This applies to the Bride too.
E.g. He is the oldest son, with 1 younger sister and 1 younger brother = 長
E.g. He is the only son, with 1 older sister = he will still be referred as 小兒 (do not take into account of sisters)

Hope this is clearer and hope you will find this useful!

Gregorian - Lunar Calendar Conversion Table of 2014 (Jia-wu yer of the Horse):
Please check out this link if you want to convert the Gregorian to Lunar dates for 2014

*** Please email me at if you would like a wedding invitation wording template guideline!

Monday, 4 June 2012

My Hong Kong Wedding. com

I am thrilled to be included as a Bespoke Wedding Invitation Designer in Hong Kong at
My Hong Kong is one of the most popular wedding information website in HK!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Succulent Love - wedding ideas for Hong Kong Brides

I used to think Peony was one of the prettiest flowers and I would definitely use it as the main flower for my wedding bouquet but I guess I am slightly changing my mind now as I've discovered S-u-c-c-u-l-e-n-t!

According to my friend "Wiki", succulents are water-retaining plants that store water in their leaves, stem and roots and are adapted to dry areas of the tropics. No wonder succulent is a rare choice to be used at weddings in Hong Kong and Singapore! (The challenge will be finding these beautiful plans in Hong Kong!?)

To have a wedding invitation in Hong Kong with a Succulent theme would definitely stand out. I will probably design some succulent wedding invite for my In House collection soon. 

I hope I have raised your interest in succulents as much as I do.
If you are looking for an "one of a kind" bouquet or a wedding theme, perhaps consider Succulent? 

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