Tuesday, 28 August 2012

"Royal Castle" Bespoke Wedding Invitation Design Hong Kong

Frida and Hampus are getting married in a castle in Sweden this summer. They were very clear of what their wedding invitation design should look like from the very start - they wanted a smart, classic, elegant yet a bit of royal style. 

For their wedding card design, they wanted me to illustrate a vintage Swedish map which had been hung in their wall in their Hong Kong flat since they moved from Sweden. 

This vintage map (above, original ) consists of places where the couple lived, worked, met and it has the castle of where they will get married. 
I redrew and transferred the original map onto the design and this is how the invitation looks like:

For the information card, the icons reflect the details written alongside them. 
particularly like the robot as it gives a sense of humour to the whole wedding invitation suite! The hotel where most guests would be staying is owned by the groom's father. I did some research on how the hotel looks like and redrew it onto the Information card:

The Invitation and the Information Card are held together by a ribbon belly band:

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