Thursday, 19 July 2012

"Infographics" Wedding Invitation Design

Coming from a finance background, where handing data and numbers is an essential part of their jobs, Nancy and Liam came up this original and fun idea of using Infographics (using graphics to communicate data) on their wedding invitation and stationery to present their backgrounds. 

The couple provided me detailed data of distance they travelled together, their favourite hobbies, books they like to read, annual household expenditure and even their daily energy cycle! I studied and gathered all the information and began sketching ideas and designing their own version of infographics! 

On most of the wedding stationery, you will see a logo, of three people - it represents the couple and their beloved daughter, Ra Ra. 

The final Invitation Suite were debossed on thick paperstock, while the logo on was made into a wax seal stamp. 

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  1. Thanks Janice!!! There will be more features on bespoke designs coming and a lot of DIY tutorials too (especially I am preparing for my wedding!)

  2. Wow! I definitely love this wedding invitation! It is very geeky, but in unique and beautiful way. I remember my elementary mathematics class discussion about the common denominator. Hahaha! This graphic speaks to the invited guests about the fusion of two distinct individuals coming together as one with the common denominator. Very eloquent infographics !

    Tamala Okamoto

    1. Thanks for the comment Tamala! I enjoyed the process of creating the wedding invitation and bringing the couple's ideas to live!


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