Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A Bespoke Wedding Event in Singapore 3 November 2012

I am organising this wedding event - "A Bespoke Wedding". The idea is to showcase various wedding related designs and product services by artists and designers. 

There will be lots of interesting activities such as silent auction, behind-the-scene demos and talks throughout the day. More information will be posted on our Facebook Page.

Come around if you happen to be in Singapore that weekend! Or let your friends in Singapore know!

D A T E : 3 November 2012, Saturday
T I M E : 2 pm - 8 pm
V E N U E : Talent Cafe, 34-36 Tras Street, Singapore 079026
*Free entry

R S V P :
The first 50 couples to sign up will receive a special welcome pack filled with artisan / designer goodies! 

RSVP by 22 October 2012 to, provide us the information of:
- you and your partner's full name
- a contact telephone number

Look forward to meeting you all!

xxx Kalo

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