Saturday, 24 November 2012

Miniature Christmas Bonsai Tree

A special someone is not at home to celebrate Christmas with you this year?
You want to send him / her something really sweet and memorable and yet not too bulky. Something that is small enough to be able to carry around but thoughtful enough to show that you really miss him / her!

What about a Miniature Christmas Bonsai tree?
Don't worry, this is not a real tree (so it is postal custom approve!) it is a miniature tree I put together carefully by gluing green bushes onto plastic tree branches (like the model architects use!). The tree is then glued onto a terracotta base, finished by adding a twine bow on the branch. 

This sweet and cute Miniature Christmas Bonsai Tree will come packed in a small gift box, with tissue paper underneath. Once the lid is on, it will be wrapped with a red/white twine. (as seen in 2nd and 5th picture)

To see more details, visit my Etsy Shop

Here are some pictures of my friends receiving my mini Bonsai trees :)

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