Sunday, 18 November 2012

"Rustic Basque Country" Bespoke Wedding Invitation Hong Kong

Melinda, from Shanghai and Iker from France are having their wedding at a beautiful countryside of Basque country, in the Southern France. With such an amazing and stunning wedding setting, they are keen to make every single detail perfect and spotless. From the rustic hot air balloon illustration invitation,  carefully hand-drawn vintage style map to the petite information guide booklet filled with light-hearted illustrations, I have injected a rustic yet contemporary feel to their wedding suite. Stationery was printed on high quality paper as the final touch and finish.

Original line drawings of the hotels which will then be placed onto the map

The view of Machoenia, the actual wedding venue

 Original drawing of Machoenia, the actual wedding venue

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  1. Very very lovely wedding invitation designs! I have been a part of creating simple handmade invitations for my friends and I was so delighted to have found more of these lovely inspirations. Please please allow me to pin them on my Pinterest board? thanks much!!
    Wedding Invitation Designs


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