Saturday, 25 January 2014

"Home Sweet Home Across the World" - Bespoke Artwork Poster for Singapore client

Aileen approached me to create an unique piece of artwork as a gift for her nieces and nephew. She wanted to express her love for them, although they did not live in the same country, she thought of them everyday.

Through brainstorming and chatting to Aileen, I came up with an idea of a A3 size poster to convey her message of "Home Sweet Home Across the World". In the same house, Aileen lived on the top floor in Singapore (hinted by a photograph of the famous Merlion statue), Lily and Eoin lived on the middle floor in Los Angeles (hinted by the American flag and Laker poster), while Isabelle and Eva lived on the ground floor in Dublin (hinted by the clover patterned wall paper).The children were doing activities that they enjoyed and good at (painting, playing football, cooking and ballet dancing).

To make the bespoke art poster more fun and interesting, I suggested to use real photos to mix with my illustrations. Once the poster design was printed, I cut out individual objects carefully and sticked them layer by layer to create a 3-D effect. The completed design was mounted in a red frame which gave the artwork a bit of a pop!

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