Sunday, 16 September 2012

DIY Table Decorations / Wedding Favours

My artsy friend Zita was in town last week, my first friend who came to visit me in Singapore!!! When we met, she was holding two little pot plants. She bought them for another friend as thank you presents for letting her stay over. We both thought the original pots were too plain and ordinary and didn't look presentable! We knew we could do a better job to decorate them!

A sparkle of ideas, we decided to re-pot the plants and give them a new life ...
Immediately we went shopping for a range of materials:
- dry stones
- colour sands
- more pot plants 
- glass bowls
- soil
- paper umbrellas
- animal toys

We had so much fun re-potting the plants and taking these photos!
The final work looks very impressive and our friends absolutely love them.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea so much that I am seriously thinking of making larger versions as table decorations at my wedding (which will be on a barn!) and if I have time, I might even make small ones as wedding favors!

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